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What Do You Need?

Website Design

Your Business Online

A great website will be your best member of staff, it is where potential customers come to learn and make decisions about your business 24/7. It must look good on all devices and allow your customers to find what they need quickly. Whatever size site you require we will deliver exactly what you need fast and to your budget.

Website Redesign

Improve Or Remove

How is your website performing for you? If it’s old, mobile unfriendly, slow or simply not set up to achieve the results you want then we can help. Online technologies change fast and websites that are over five years old are probably going to be obsolete or worse still broken. If you have doubts please register for one of our free website reviews.

Branding & Logos

First Impressions Count!

Whether you run an exlusive service or a dollar store your brand image must be professional and align with customer expectations. An unprofessional brand image can hold your business back both online and off. If done right it will be a long lasting asset and your customers will recognise it, if done very right they will want to be a part of it!

Content Creation

Content Is King

Look at the best performing websites and you’ll notice two things, beautiful images and inspiring text. It’s not only Google’s ranking system that loves a content rich website. Choosing images, videos and words that back a  professional sales strategy will give you an edge over the competition and drive your sales forward.


Is Your Website Visible?

Appearing high on Google’s organic search can produce remarkable results for your business and doesn’t have to cost the earth. We use “white hat” Google approved methods for both on and off site optimisation, and never outsource our SEO work overseas. Ask for a free SEO report on your website now.

Google AdWords

Leapfrog The Competition

If you are in a crowded market and need to boost your business fast then Google’s paid advertising service AdWords may be the answer. We concentrate on maximising customer conversions in line with your budget. Contact us and we will tell you what you need to know, and how you can leverage AdWords to increase sales and leads.

Social Media Marketing

Control The Conversation

Social Media has redefined online marketing. Whether you are involved or not it’s highly likely your business is being discussed. Controlling social media channels can allow a business to build their rapport with current and potential customers. It can also open up broad channels that allow highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Consultation & Strategy

Telling You Straight

If you’re busy running your business then understanding the online world can be daunting. Technology changes daily and professional, honest advice is hard to come by. Every business is different so if you’d like us to tell you what you can do to succeed online please contact us for a jargon free, honest and friendly chat.

Your Success Is Our Success…

Running a business is a tough task. Dealing with the ever changing online world is for many busy business owners simply impossible. If implemented correctly an online marketing strategy can propel any business forward at an incredible rate. Ascend Digital make internet marketing as easy as possible for you to introduce and master for your business.

So if you contact us we will talk to you honestly and without complex jargon (even if it loses us work!). We’ll give you detailed advice customised to your exact situation and give you flexible options to make sure it aligns with your budget and expectations.

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