Establish Your Business Brand

Consumers love brands, whether they’re choosing a product or service the influence of your business’s visual identity is very important. Therefore the first requirement for many of our clients is branding. We have created many identities over the years, not just for startups but also for many established businesses needing their image revitalised and realigned to modern markets. The rise of Social Media and their inherent visual nature has elevated brands even further with consumers making very fast often subliminal decisions based on positive visual triggers.

When your prospective customer sees your brand it must be:

  • Unique and identifiable from your competition
  • Aligned with your market and customer expectations
  • Legible and reproducible in various formats/colours
  • Original not plagiarised or template based
  • Designed to be as future-proof as possible

If you would like to discuss the branding of your business please contact us by calling: 04 900 500 60 or alternatively use our contact form here

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