What Separates Good From Great

In a crowded and competitive online market it can be difficult to be heard, especially for small businesses. The key to making sales online is to go that step further than the competition, creating great content is one way to achieve this. Through the use of words and images the prospective customer can be convinced that your business is the one to go with. There are a range of content creation services we offer, they include:

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Sales Copy: Writing copy that sells has always been an essential skill for successful marketing. Online marketing focuses on this skill highly with the majority of consumers taking little time to judge your business’s offering. This means that the textual content of your website must be razor sharp and aimed at converting customers as soon as possible, with more verbose text following lower on the page. Typos and cultural errors can lead to customers switching their attention fast, all copy must be gramatically and tonally correct. It must also always be aiming to make your target audience respond in the way intended by your overall sales strategy.

SEO Copy: With SEO best practice constantly changing a website with targeted copy will always be favoured by Google. Targetting specific keywords and having enough words on the page are crucial for Google ranking. Regular, fresh content delicered through blogging or relevant articles will keep you in Google’s sights and consequentially your customers.

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The internet has become a mature market where prospective customers are making decisions based on a series of subtle judgments. One of these is based on images and if the images you use on your website are not of a high standard your viewers will never reach your “calls to action” or read the text. Professional photography is an immediate statement about the status of your business, if you use badly optimised, small or poorly shot images your customers will leave fast. Big companies understand this and have mastered it. But for the small business owner this presents a simple opportunity to leapfrog their competition by presenting high quality images of their business.

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Videos have been proven to increase customer engagement and improve the chances of making a sale. If you’re in a competitive market or one that has a sensitive relationship with the customer then having a video on your “about” or “home” page can instantly create a connection with your prospects. Services where trust is important can be instantly elevated by showing your business in a tangible and friendly manner using video. If you’re selling a complex product that requires demonstration then a professional video will improve your chance of sales by visually explaining your business to the viewer.

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