Google AdWords For Small Business

AdWords is Google’s paid search placement service that allows you to bid on valuable keywords and have your business placed favourably in the returned search rankings. This form of marketing is often called “PPC.” The term “PPC” stands for “Pay Per Click” and means that you only pay once a person clicks on the advert taking them to your website. The main benefit of AdWords is that it gives you almost complete control over how Google ranks your business. It gives small businesses the opportunity to move into markets and regions previously blocked by the larger companies with the bigger budgets. A recommended shortcut for a small business to massively increase its profits is a good AdWords campaign coupled with an excellent website designed to convert leads.

Here is a brief video on how AdWords works:

       Advantages Of AdWords

  • Fast customer lead generation

  • You decide when to start and stop

  • Complete control of budget spend

  • Valuable market feedback and statistics

  • Regional target area settings

  • Run multiple campaigns and adverts

  • Opportunity to tweak for optimum results

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