The Good And Bad Of SEO

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a set of techniques and strategies that when applied correctly will increase your website traffic. Unfortunately it is also very misunderstood by business owners and this has led to many companies exploiting the complexities, promising results that they cannot possibly guarantee and signing businesses up to fruitless service contracts.

“SEO is Unpredictable”

Google controls the way people search online. They can (and do) regularly change the rules which means there are no guarantees but only recommended guidelines for enhancing your business’s search ranking. And these rules are never explicitly given by Google, they must be interpreted from clues given out by Google employees like Matt Cutts. There are two very good reasons Google keep changing their search algorithm. Firstly they must keep improving the results served up to keep on top of the competition. Secondly it weakens SEO experts “gaming” the system leaving their paid search service AdWords as the only way to guarantee being within the first page results.

“SEO Is Not A Silver Bullet”

SEO is often sold as the answer to a business’s poor performance online but in reality it is only part of an overall strategy involving many other factors. Marketing companies portray SEO as the answer so it can be offered for a higher fee but SEO only creates traffic. It is what happens to that traffic that is important, along with whether or not the traffic is relevant to your business. For a successful internet marketing strategy turning relevant traffic into customers is the crucial process. For this to occur a correctly conceived website with the right offer must meet the right traffic. The customer decision process online is a series of soft nudges towards an action, traffic creates the chance of a sale, but does not guarantee it.

“SEO Can Have Incredible Results For Small Business”

There are certain onsite SEO tricks and methods that can boost a small business massively in a short space of time. Because many website design companies don’t pay much attention to SEO the majority of small business websites lack basic SEO elements and are consequently invisible to their market. Many websites fail to specify basic details (regions/services etc.) that Google needs to rank your site in the relevant place.

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