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Unlike most other web design companies we prioritise sales over design. Unless you only want a website for a hobby or interest then you’ll want it to bring you profit. The internet is now a mature market, the days of “build it and they will come” have long gone. A well-built website is essential in all markets, whether it actually sells for you via e-commerce or presents your business to potential customers and clients.

This is what your website needs in 2016:


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A Fast Load Time

Today’s online consumers don’t hang around for sites to load, five seconds at best. If you have a website that’s slow they’ll move on to your competition. Luckily there are ways to speed up all websites using high quality hosting and various optimisation techniques proven to increase speeds dramatically.

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 A Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Framework

The usage of mobile devices has now become the norm. In order for your business to be seen by your customers your website must also adapt utilising a “responsive” framework resizing the layout to different devices. Many older websites lack this essential capability and must be updated.

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Clear Presentation Through Design

Design is an asset required in business to convey messages about your business and its place in the market. It should be clear and allow your services/products room to sell themselves. A well run business always presents itself in the best possible way to inspire consumer trust and present a clear identity.

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A great looking website is useless if your customers can’t navigate around it or read the text they require. Information should be clear and positioned where customers expect it. When design takes over this can become a threat to usability and your business will suffer as a result.

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Calls To Action

A website that doesn’t actually ask a customer to take an action is a waste of time. Unless you are trying to increase brand awareness then no “calls to action” means no sales. Phone numbers and other contact methods are essential, but can so often be overlooked when design takes precedent to sales.

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Build Trust

The internet is a faceless place where transactions are performed largely on trust which must be established fast. Put your customer’s mind at ease using testimonials, social media connections, a real contact address and a strong “about” page.

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SEO Strategy

In order for Google to recognise what and where your business is a basic onsite SEO strategy should be employed. Even the smallest of changes can have a dramatic effect on your website’s organic search results, this is especially true for rural small businesses.

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 …Traffic (Customers)

Once your website is live it’s time to bring in the right type of traffic. Many website design companies stop here but in reality this is where the real battle begins. Please see our Social Media, Google AdWords and SEO services for more information about qualified traffic generation.

Four Stages To A Perfect Website

web design wollongongStage 1: Communication

Initial consultation

Meetings when/if required

Project schedule timetable

Budget & payment options

Acquiring relevant media

website design kiamaStage 2: Planning

Discuss basic design elements

Plan website structure

Decide on “Keywords” for onsite SEO

Plan “Call To Action” strategy

Discuss “Social Media” integration

business websites wollongongStage 3: Building

Setup domain and hosting

Install website architecture

Create website as draft

Implement SEO strategy

Create required email accounts

website design kiamaStage 4: Test & Tweak

Tweak draft website with client

Test device compatibility

Check all forms & links

Optimise speed

Setup backup and security




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