Get Your Site Back On Track

There are many reasons why websites don’t produce results, some obvious and some not. It is recommended you review your website at least annually. And a website rebuild every five years is also a good idea to keep in line with technological and style changes.

The most common reasons for a website failing are:

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Slow Load Speed

As choice increases customer patience decreases. If you have spent considerable time, effort and funds trying to bring in traffic without results, this may be the answer. By using fast business hosting and various other optimisation techniques we can make your website fast enough for the most impatient browser.

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Bad Design Choices

For most potential customers a badly designed website is a red flag that can break the sales process. It is important that design conveys a professional standard of care and attention, this leads to an assumption your business also operates at this level. If you’re in a competitive market website aesthetics are doubly important.

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Website Is Invisible (No SEO!)

If your website is nowhere to be seen on Google then it’s likely there has been no basic onsite SEO implemented. All websites should have relevant keywords used throughout the site targeting products/services and regions where possible. Even the smallest changes can make a huge difference.

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No Calls To Action

Too many sites created by “website designers” do not include the actual elements required to convert leads to sales. No phone number on the “home” page, no offers or enticements and poor sales copy all lead to potential customers clicking on your competitors. And you wasting your marketing dollars!

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Broken Code Or Hacked Site

Older websites (especially WordPress) can sometimes break if not updated regularly. If you don’t maintain your site it’s not only the framework that can break, old software and weak passwords can lead to security issues and these have the potential to damage your business through spam blacklists and domain rejection.

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No Mobile Compatibility

Mobile is now the favoured device for internet browsing. If your business does not have a mobile compatible website you are not reaching your whole audience. Your customers don’t want to view an antiquated website that is painful to read or use. A new “responsive” website will cure these problems.

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Poor Usability

Badly implemented navigation, frustrating text organisation and illegible font colours can all be avoided with good usability testing. If you are running an ecommerce site usability during the sales process is very important and should be tested thoroughly.

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Out Of Date Information

As your business changes your website won’t unless you actively make amendments to reflect your current business’s prices, services, contact information etc. Trust is a key element to making sales online and an abandoned website is a red flag for a prospective customer.

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